When was the last time you were at an old fashioned small town parade?

Welcome to The Rhody Festival Parade in Port Townsend Washington. (Rhody for rhododendron)
A lot of work on the floats and a lot of practice on perfecting ‘the wave’
Definite must have the Classic Car Club.
Invite every club in the county
There is always room for the giant salmon
‘Oh, there they are, The Diamondpoint Dancers…there’s grandma and aunt Martha, and Billy Jean’s neighbor…’
Here comes the high school marching bands…
Wait…I forgot, where are they from?
Those are nice uniforms and they came all the way from Seattle
Well ya know, George always did like dressing up…
Another high school band, do you think they know how long the route is?
See now, they have dance moves and everything…
There they are, the Corgi club…
This might be my favorite marching band
Not sure who or what that is, but he put a lot of work in on it and it is colorful
Reckon that must be the end, we’ve seen the whole world.
The Rhody Festival 2023

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