Migratory path of two Denver snowbirds part nine.

Plot twist!!
This is where the plane was headed.
Only an unbelievable, amazing adventure would include a vacation from our vacation. We went to the Big Island with our dear friend John Wilfly.
Our friend and host, John, taught us so much about the Big Island. He was enthused to see snow on the volcano as we looked across lava fields from the Waikoloa Resort property.

It is interesting what you notice the first time you visit someplace new. On the Big Island dirt is the exception. Most of the island is covered by volcanic rock. From the various volcanos on the island the lava flows solidified and now are into rough, sharp rocks.

It is difficult to look around anywhere on the Big Island and not want to take a picture. Denise took this shot with her Galaxy S22.
On our first full day on the Big Island we still had the thought, ‘I want to see it all.’ Every step was filled with things we had never experienced before. It could have been non-stop clicking of our cameras, but then we would have missed what was on the other side of our shot.
I need coffee – Stat!
We were on the way to another adventure when Denise spotted a unique local coffee shop. ‘Ovra’ is an Australian slang term for afternoon.
We…ok me, most often strike up a conversation with the barista. This kid, everyone is a kid to us, is a brilliant, accomplished student and ‘statesman’. We had a deep and touching conversation about what it means to be an indigenous person in Hawaii.
The adventure was greatly enhanced by having a ‘guide/friend’ who lived on the Big Island for years. ‘Hey, I want to show you something really cool’. John is also someone who talks to everyone. At this lookout a lady told him there is a park on the shore where you can stand on the beach and watch whales.
Quick, jump in the car, I think I know where she is talking about. It’s down there on the coast.
Umm…this is Lapakahi State Historical Park…think this is what she was talking about? Stay tuned…

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