Thank you Denver Pioneers and VetTix for a fantastic Women’s LaCrosse match.

The DU Women’s LaCrosse team is ranked number Three in the nation. What a blast it was to sit with a group of parents on Senior Day as the Pioneers took on the Georgetown Hoyas.
You win a few, you lose a few and some are rained out…but never snowed out. It was a chilly day at Peter Barton Stadium on the DU campus.
The DU Pioneer team are ‘on fire’ and had won fifteen games in a row.
From the moment of the initial face off the Pioneers took control of the match. With less than a minute of play the Pioneers scored their first of first of fifteen goals.
LaCrosse is the oldest organized sport in North America.
With each goal comes another face off.
DU has been a high scoring team all 2023 season. No one has been able to keep up with them.
Defense, high scoring and speed has kept DU undefeated

The final score was DU Pioneers 15 – Georgetown Hoyas 2. The Pioneers are 16 – 0 this season.

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