Migratory path of two Denver snowbirds Part Eight

One of our favorite places on our winter adventure was the Smyrna Dunes Park. We walked the boardwalk every chance we could. We never knew what we might see. Especially fun as the birds migrated through on the Eastern Flyway.
Last year in Oceanside California Denise was a hero to the gulls on the Oceanside Pier. In New Smyrna it didn’t take long for her to draw a crowd.
Each morning I could I got my walking in as the sun peaked up. It was a two mile hike with a different view each morning.
I met this man 48 years ago when he walked in the back door of Flanders Music saying he was applying for the job of TV repairman. He was an excellent technician and became a strong part of our business. Ralph had a fascinating life story and was a warm, gentle, kind soul. He made a difference in all our our lives. He is 90 now living in Okchoobee Florida. We had to spend time with him while we were in the Sunshine State.
As the months progressed we began to see families arrive at NSB. Kids were on spring break and young sunrise fans started getting up early. I snapped this shot quickly when I saw this sun worshipper standing, watching.
New Smyrna hosts a number of art shows and festivals in the spring. The Chalk/sidewalk show drew professionals and school students. Our favorite was the top left – a High School junior who did that self portrait.
VetTix has provided tickets to Denise and I to all sorts of events. We were able to attend the opening match of the Orlando City Football Club. It was a noisy, exciting happening that evening in downtown Orlando.
New Smyrna is one of the few beaches in Central East coast Florida that allows people to drive on the beach. They do patrol it and enforce no traffic zones.
We were in Melbourne and our friend Ken, the oldest air traffic controller in the country and longest employee of NASA called me and said, “Gary, launch in 20 minutes, gotta go.” Driving back to NSB I caught these shots of the rocket.
Since we were on ‘The Space Coast’ we took a turn and went back out on Merritt Island to a spot where Manatees tended to gather.
As opposed to Blue Springs State Park, here you were closer to the ‘sea cows’.
Always on the lookout for the unusual we saw this dedication plaque on a ‘portapotty’ at the Manatee stop. Zoom in on the ‘in memory’ plate,on the top.
We do continue to search out local coffee toasters and shops. We came upon Credo in downtown Orlando. Walking in we knew this place was different. The cuppa joe was very good, but when the barista said, “here you pay what you think is right”. It is fair traded coffee from a single source known farmer and roasted locally. We were impressed.
Dinner with old friends is always on our agenda. A quick stop at our dear sister and brother’s new home in New Smyrna gave Denise the opportunity to say hello to the Samano pets.
In the next edition of our winter adventure we have an unbelievable and amazing ‘plot twist’.

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