Thank you Colorado Rockies and VetTix for an afternoon in the sun at Coors Field

Wednesday April 12, it was the Rox vs The Birds on Blake Street in Denver.
This early in the season the field is immaculate.
The view from Coors Field is beyond compare. Where else would you look at left field and see the spectacular Rocky Mountains?
I recall going to the first season games at Mile High Stadium in 1993. We even motivated our kids to stand in front of our home in Littleton with a handmade sign that read: ‘Vote Yes To The Stadium’ for the ballot issue about the new field.
We did come to see a new rules ballgame. My favorite photographer took this shot through the home base screen.
Keep your eye on the ball – through the Galaxy S22 camera.
Eighty four degrees at game time, not bad for an April afternoon.

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