Migratory path of two Denver Snow Birds Part 7 (A 2023 travelogue of Denise & Gary Flanders)

Being such fun people we have always had people wanting to come and hang around with us.
Coming all the way from the frozen tundra of Michigan, my sister Bonnie needed to feel warm for a while so she came to New Smyrna Beach.
We do enjoy showing off where we are living at the moment.
Being a ‘local’ I was able to instruct my sister how to walk like someone from Florida.
Also on the guest list was our good friend/tribal sister: Marilyn. Here we are dancing on the Canaveral boardwalk.
Not a ‘selfie’ – an ‘Ussie’
Can you identify everyone in that painting?
Friends are precious commodities
It was always an adventure to walk New Smyrna Beach for Sunrise. If you didn’t check the tide chart your path was either very wide or gone.
High tide
With high tide came sea foam.
A delight of our time was catching up with our kids besties when we live here in Florida 40 years ago. Michelle and Ryan are still the same great kids, (at our age everyone is a kid).
Before departing from our old hometown of Winter Park we caught a sunset over Lake Killarney
Each day included Denise cementing her relationship with NSB gulls.
Mostly Ring Bill Gulls but one lonely Laughing Gull

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  1. An “Ussie” 


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