Migratory path of two Denver Snow Birds Part 3 (A 2023 travelogue of Gary & Denise Flanders)

One of the benefits of travel is learning new things. I never knew that seashells grew on trees. Useful information to have when hunting for the perfect shell to bring home.

Come to find out the seashell tree was a practical joke perpetrated by Gary the Gopher Tortoise. I caught sight of him on his way home. The only thing I heard him mumble was, ‘No photos allowed…f#%king snowbirds.’

Everything is close here in New Smyrna Beach. We drove the short distance to Canaveral National Seashore. It is a National Park so I was able to use my Military Lifetime America The Beautiful pass. At the Visitors Center the Ranger told us twice, “Remember, at the far end of the road that beach is where we can’t convince people to keep their bathing suits on.” Playalinda is the ‘buck neked beach’

We had our initial ‘real Florida’ hike on the ‘Windy Castle’ trail. (Across the road from the nude beach).
It has been our value for many years to explore and see things for the first time. The Naturalist/Master Gardner see things all the time. That cluster of berries is Yaupon Holly. The two berries on the variegated leaf plant is wild coffee.
Canaveral National Seashore, the entire spit/island is made of seashells. Hundreds of years of shells accumulated, were crushed and formed a ‘land mass’.
We set our alarm to be on the beach for sunrise. But looking in the opposite direction the full moon was still in the sky.
At precisely 7:18 am the sun peeks up.
Hurricane Ian stayed stuck at New Smyrna for 36 hours. The rebuilding 4 months later is slow.
New Smyrna Beach has a plethora of trails for hiking and biking.
Plenty of Spanish Moss hanging from trees over rivers and lakes.
The famous ‘Taking Pictures of People Taking Pictures’.
Sometimes when your tootsies are hot you simply must cool them off.
Is it possible to reach a point where you stop taking sunset shots? Dunno, we have not gotten there.

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