M & N’s Nurse’s Station 01.24.2023

When your kids decide to see if roasting coffee beans will be worth it, you are more than willing to try them out.
One scoop into our handy KRUPS grinder.
Probably more fine than medium grind.
Boiling water for the at ready Aeropress. (We have been using Aeropress for many years now. It is easier and makes a smoother cuppa than a French Press.)
Close to 202 to 208 is an ideal temperature. I make an espresso before adding the extra water to become an Americano. Nice DCFC goalie kit, eh.
Slow steady pressure makes the best espresso. My handy Hydro Flask has been the only thing I have found to keep my coffee hot for hours.
And the verdict…the Nurse’s Station first review: 4.7 out of 5. The Peruvian Light Roast is light, delicate with a nice bouquet. There is no bitter aftertaste and you can drink a bunch of cuppas of this fine coffee.

One response to “M & N’s Nurse’s Station 01.24.2023”

  1. deniseflanders@icloud.com Avatar

    4.7? I’d give it a 5.



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