Migratory path of two Denver Snowbirds. Part 1. (A 2023 travelogue of Denise & Gary Flanders)

Wintering in Florida had been in our plans for a full year. We were ready to roll, all packed and emotionally set on December 29. Walking out of the door with the final suitcase and cooler, I was greeted with 9 inches of fresh snow. After digging the car out and stomping our feet, against common sense we took off on our Florida adventure.
I 70 East was closed not far out of Denver so we asked Google if there was an alternative route East. We were dumber than a box of rocks to listen to Google. Two lane…not blacktops, snow packed highways took us through middle of ‘Nowheres’ Colorado.
With this view out of the windshield we heard: …’And I suppose that is your partner in the chipper…’. (Hint: the actress was Francis McDormond
Somehow we did make it to our first planned stop in Kansas City Missouri. After an ok hotel in downtown KC and a subpar barbecue dinner at a famous restaurant we headed to Nashville for our second stop.
Ya know…you go to a pricey restaurant and get a crummy meal – in Nashville we got some real food from a food truck.
A fraction of the price for a Boyhowdy good meal. Check out that food truck you have been wondering about.
When traveling we do like to take advantage of cultural icons we know are on our route. While going through Warner Robbins Georgia we spotted a famous American way station, the place with the cleanest restrooms in the country: Buck-ees!! There had to be at least one thousand people of all ages roaming through this establishment. And what a thrill it was to get a picture taken with the Buckmeister himself.
Another one of our travel hobbies is finding a good local coffee place. We happened upon Southern Muggs in Carterville Georgia. A unique place with a mighty fine cuppa joe.
There were times on the trip when we weren’t sure of the outcome. But through snow, ice, heavy rain and accidents that closed highways for hours we finally did score.
Let the Florida adventure begin.

One response to “Migratory path of two Denver Snowbirds. Part 1. (A 2023 travelogue of Denise & Gary Flanders)”

  1. I am excited to here what happens next. New Smyrna looks like a good place to be.


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