Grecian Formula Number Seven (The final chapter)

One last day in Athens before we head home to Denver. Here is the view of the south section of Athens from Mars Hill.
Let’s go one last time down to the Athens Flea Market.
One last photo of the four travelers in Athens.
A city sunset in Athens.
Before departing from Greece we spent our last night in the port city of Rafina. It is on the Aegean Sea and is a major port for business and tourism.
You can take a ferry to major tourist islands from Rafina.
Our last chance to feel Grecian sea water.
Our last chance to wander around a Greek city and discover art work.
Each city and then each restaurant would make their Gyros slightly different. In Athens they tended to put all ingredients, including French fries, in the folded pita bread. In Rafina there they give you 3 – 4 pita sections then the lamb is crisped like bacon and you loaded the pitas up yourself. Add a gigantic salad with all kinds of Greek olives and of course Greek wine and you had a huge meal.
Our first flight home was Athens to Heathrow airport in London. In the Athens international terminal was this…this…man…or was it a final Greek sculpture? Everyone took a picture of him…it.
Leaving the Greek isles.
Took advantage of a window seat to catch some international cloud shots.
Last stop before Denver. Playing ‘can you spot Gary’ in London’s Heathrow.
A 50th anniversary trip combined with our best friends’ lifelong bucket list trip. We all can say, ‘Oh ya, we’ve been to Greece’.
If you have looked at one of these blog posts, or all of them, thanks for coming along.

One response to “Grecian Formula Number Seven (The final chapter)”

  1. Garrison, it was wonderful sharing breakfast on Thursday at the Bagel Deli. I’ve missed you and what do you decide to do – head to Florida for three months. You and Denise are having FUN and how cool is that.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of the Life’s and Times of the Flanders in Greece – I loved them.
    Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas and here’s to best new year ever.
    Much love to you both.


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