What Flag Is That 12.13.2022

The flag of Belize. A Caribbean country on the north east coast of Central America. Mexico is to the north, the Caribbean Sea is to the east with Guatemala to the south. It was formerly known as British Honduras.

There is no agreed upon theory about where the name Belize came from. One prominent idea is that it comes from the Mayan phrase “bel Itza” meaning the road to Itza.

The Mayan Civilization spilled into this area thousands of yeas ago. It fell victim to the Eurocentric system of colonization. It is still strange to me that you can have a couple of people walking along and both of them see a property and they each say, ‘hey, I like that, it now belongs to me.” Spain and England did that with Belize. Britain wanted the resources, mainly the pine and mahogany for timber. In 1840 the English outlasted the Spanish and Belize became a colony. It was granted independence in 1981.

The flag of the British Honduras 1919-1981

The current flag was adopted upon independence in 1981. It is a blue field with the coat of arms in a white circle in the middle. The red stripes were added in 1981 upon their independence. It is the only flag in the world that has humans as the major design element. And, with 12 colors being used, it is the most colorful flag in the world. The coat of arms has changed over time.

The current coat of arms which is on the flag. A mahogany tree with two gentlemen holding a shield. The shield has tools for timber cutting. The motto states: “In the shade I flourish”

Through time the gentlemen have changed color.

1907-1967 as The British Honduras, two Afro-Belizean gents
1968-1981. A Mestizo Belizean man and an Afro Belizean man

The current gents (see above) are slightly different with the Mestizo Belizean man more ‘Belizean’. Little things are important.

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