What Flag Is That 12.09.2022

The 30th state to join the union…wait for it…Wisconsin. Part of my collection because it falls into the category of ‘Places we have lived’.

The state flag is a truly ugly flag, it can be described as a ‘blue bedsheet with the state seal slapped on it’. And the state seal is a hodge podge of a little bit of everything.

A sailor a miner, a badger a plow, some mining tools, a hammer, an anchor, a cornucopia, some stars, the US moto, the giant FORWARD, just needed a kitchen sink to complete it.
Prototype of the seal from an 1851 Wisconsin bank note – it was ugly then and it is ugly now
The flag from 1913 until the current flag of 1981. (The state legislature made the flag even worse by adding “Wisconsin” at the top and “1848” on the bottom)

But now onto much more pleasant Wisconsin memories. We moved to the Milwaukee metro area in 1975. A newly minted US Army Vet with a background in the record business.

Back when music was played at different speeds
I ended up downtown Milwaukee where all of the ‘Hippies’ congregated and people asked if you had a ‘bubbler’.
After my ‘apprenticeship with the hippies I ended up the Manager of a successful record and tape store on the south side of Milwaukee. (Notice the poster on the left – “The Best of Leon”)
I actually designed this modern retail name tag for my store. It was immediately voted the most likely accessory to be thrown away by new employees
Milwaukee remains one of our favorite cities we have lived in. So much going on and we took advantage of all of it.
The most famous resident of Milwaukee in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s: Samson the Gorilla

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