Grecian Formula Number Four

If you are in Greece you must visit some of the islands. We boarded a ferry boat for the group of islands closest to Athens. (I thought that one cloud looked like the Starship Enterprise.)

The Saronic Islands

This cluster of islands, named after the Saronic gulf within which they are located, are very popular vacation spots amongst the Greeks. Particularly convenient, within a short ferry ride from Athens’ Piraeus port and various towns along the Peloponesse coast. Many Greeks have holiday homes on these islands and frequently visit for short breaks and weekends.

The main islands include;

  • Aegina – an important island of ancient Greece
  • Hydra – car-free and unspoiled
  • Poros – with its lush greenery.
We knew we were on the right boat when we saw these genuine Greek people.
Major shipping lane with busy cargo traffic.
Approaching Hydra you catch sight of the city symbol.
Always in search of flags, I spotted the flag of Greece and the island of Hydra’s flag.
Time to see some sights.
To visit anywhere in Greece is to experience the importance and influence of the Greek Orthodox Church. On Hydra we visited the ancient church on the island. The artwork and icons are a lesson in history and culture/theology.
Many Greek Orthodox churches maintain they have an actual piece of the crucification cross. This is the one in the Hydra church.
After the sights we were released to…shop. The main form of transport is Equus asinus.
Favorite souvenir shop on Hydra.
Before we hit the water, one last flag shot on Hydra. (Hydra; Greece and The European Union)
Next stop, the small island of Porus.
Only time for a flag shot and a small, family bakery.
Our last stop on the island hopping tour was Aegina. The tour bus attempted to set a new world record for driving fast on narrow roads past important archeological sites. We stopped for a quick gander at the Acropolis of this island to see the temple of Aphaia.
Once again you could tell you were in Greece because there were Greek people taking photos.
The final stop on Aegina was a monastery and church. …’As I told you on the bus…’. ‘Hurry up ladies and gentlemen we must not be late for the bus.’
Greeting us everywhere we went in Greece: feral cats.

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