Grecian Formula number 2

When you wake up in the morning and see this, you figure you better get moving because you want to see everything.
“I saw this breakfast place online that looks really good. I put it into my phone and Google maps say we need to walk that way…or was it this way?”
[After much walking and turning around…] “Is that sign blurry to anyone else? Oh look, a Spanish place that has coffee and breakfast.”
At most coffee places and restaurants you need to sort of chase down the wait person for the check. They expect you to sit there and talk or just enjoy the atmosphere.
“Hey, I brought my photo crystal ball, let me experiment talking pictures with it.”
…ok, it is work in progress.
A few years ago we toured Eastern Europe. It was the first time we had seen what we might call graffiti all over a city. As we walked in different cities in Greece we saw graffiti/murals everywhere. Here are a few from Athens. (When I posted these on Instagram, I had over 1,200 views from all over the world.)
“Ok, we have been walking for 3-4 blocks, COFFEE, Stat!”
We walked…and walked and found ourselves back at The National Gardens. It is a pleasant shady park where it is easy to get lost, especially if you can’t read Greek. We heard music and headed towards the sound. We found these fellas. Who are they and what’s up with those puffy balls on their shoes? (More will be revealed later.)
Across the busy Main Street out by the original Olympic Stadium, and several blocks down and over is one of the main shopping areas in Athens: The Plaka. In looking for something else…wait, what’s that I see – a French Coffee place. Kimovia also has a bakery…That’s it, I’m going!
While listening to a genuine French Chanteuse on the sound system the lady behind the coffee machine says, …’Ah the gentleman enjoys the music”.
As we continued to walk around The Plaka, I came upon this advertisement plaque for ‘real American food: Kentucky Fried Chicken. Evidently in Greece when you eat at a KFC you smear the sauce all over your face and arms. Ya…I’ll pass.
Now all we have to do is find our Airbnb, I wish we had someone to ask directions…reckon we just keep walking.
“What’s that building? Wait, isn’t that the church that is close to our apartment…how did we get here?”
Coming in the next episode: The Acropolis.

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  1. Very cool pics!


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