What Flag Is That 11.03.2022

Sicily, Italy. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea just to the south of the Italian Peninsula, separated by the narrow Strait of Messina. It is home to the tallest active volcano in Europe, one of the most active in the World. There has been human activity on the island recorded as early as 12,000 BC.

My Etna

The flag has a unique design. It features the Triskeles: a winged head of Medusa with 3 wheat ears (wheat representing the extreme fertility of the land), with 3 legs rotating around Medusa’s head (each leg standing for one of the points of the island: Pelorus, Pachynus and Lilybaeum). The flag is bisected diagonally into red (Palermo) and yellow (Corleone).

The Triskeles is an ancient symbol for Sicily. It dates back as far as the 4th Century when it appeared on a coin.

Drachma featuring the laureate head of the youthful Ares, obverse side the Triskeles minted in 317 BC

The Triskeles appears on a number of flags that have flown over Sicily throughout it’s history.

The Sicilian revolution against rule by France, 1848
Directly after WWII, 1945-46

I like the flag because of it’s uncommon layout. I would give it a solid A in terms of being a ‘good flag’. (Oh…Denise thinks it is ‘creepy’).

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