If you see something – say something. #1

I was thinking: We often associate that saying (If you see something, say something) with something negative or threatening. What if we turned it around? ‘If you see someone doing something good, say something.’ If That anonymous check out person is friendly and pleasant, tell them. If that bus driver has a smile when you climb on board let them know you appreciate it. If that service person is doing a great job, tip big and saying something.

I have developed a good habit. If I ‘need’ a good ‘cuppa joe’, I seek out the local coffee house and avoid that place that is on every corner. Denver Colorado is where St Mark’s Coffee has been around for decades.
St Mark’s has ambiance and a vibe that makes you want to sit there and work on something or meet a friend – just hang out for a while. They also have something/someone, who is an icon of local coffee, – The hardest working Barista in the Mile High City.
If you know coffee in Denver you know this guy, the longest standing, hardest working barista in the mile high city. He has been standing right here for 20 consecutive years. I have been in St Marks when the place was packed, no place to sit and 5-6 people in line and he moves like ‘The Flash’. He is talking to people, washing dishes, serving a fine ‘cuppa joe’ and even picking out unique cool music.
Hail to thee oh hard working barista. I am impressed and grateful for what you do. An honest, hard work person needs to be recognized.

2 responses to “If you see something – say something. #1”

  1. Hi Garrison, I totally agree with you. Gratitude and kindness are the keys to a happy and appreciative life and all you have to do is open your mouth, speak loving words and smile. I appreciate and value you, Mr. Flanders.


  2. [image: image.png]

    On Mon, Oct 24, 2022 at 6:16 AM deliriouslove1970. The life & times of Gary and Denise Flanders. (Free and worth every penny. If you would like to compliment the editor, send to garytheflan@deliriouslove1970.com. If you


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