WHAT FLAG IS THAT 09.20.2022

The Motor City, Motown, Renaissance City, City of the Straits, The D, D-Town, Hockeytown, The Automotive Capital of the World, Rock City, The 313, The Arsenal of Democracy, The Town That Put The World on Wheels, Tigertown, Détroit, Paris of the West. The City of Detroit.

The largest city in Michigan. Metro Detroit with a population of 4.3 million is almost half of the entire state of Michigan. The name Detroit is from the French detr’oit which means ‘straights’. It is located at the straits of the Detroit River which is a major connector of the Great Lakes to the St Lawrence Seaway. It was founded in 1701 by Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. It was a prized location for trading and shipping.

It is best known as the automobile capital of the world with the big three (Ford; General Motors and Stellantis North America [Chrysler]) all being headquartered and manufactured here. It is directly across the Detroit River from Windsor Ontario Canada.

The Ambassador Bridge (interestingly enough this major entrance to Canada is owned by an individual family.) Detroit with it’s Ambassador bridge has one highway and one railroad bridge and one highway tunnel and is the second busiest international crossing in the US.
The Detroit ‘logo’
The City Flag was first adopted in 1948. It has been changed at least three times and none of those changes were…well, good. It’s design is not pleasing and contains far too many distracting elements. It is considered a poor design and is in dire need of a ‘do-over’.

The flag has the city seal emblazoned on quartered background, with each section representing a country that once controlled Detroit. The lower hoist (left) quarter represents France, which founded the fort and settlement in 1701; it has five gold fleurs-de-lis on a white field, imitating the Royal Standard of France. The upper fly (right) quarter represents Great Britain, which controlled the fort from 1760 to 1796; it has three gold lions on a red field, imitating the Royal Arms of England. The lower fly has 13 red and white stripes and the upper hoist has 13 white stars on a blue field, representing the original thirteen colonies of the United States

The motto reads: Speramus Meliora and Resurget Cineribus, meaning “We hope for better things” and “It will rise from the ashes”, which was written by Gabriel Richard after the fire of 1805.

Not a great flag, and a great city deserves a great flag.

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