Now that was a football match!

Thank you #VetTix and #Colorado Springs Switchbacks – USL for the gift of tickets to the USL Championship match between our beloved DCFC and the Switchbacks. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our appreciation or spirits for a great experience.
Ok, I needed a little more game gear for the weather prediction.
10% chance of rain…not quite correct.
100% rain
Heck of a stadium: Weidner Field in Colorado Springs. Heck of a match: DCFC 2 – Colorado Springs Switchbacks 1.

6 responses to “Now that was a football match!”

  1. Avatar

    OH! Shoulda had a shout out to the superior DCFC drum/cheer people back in Detroit. 🙂



  2. So you guys made it to Colorado without stopping in Wisconsin??? Sure… we’re not offended!!!

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    1. Wait…we are in Colorado? How did we get here? What day is it? Is this a dream?


  3. It sounds like you two are living the dream! Congrats on successful relocation. Had 16 family members and four dogs celebrating my 85th this past week. We just spent the weekend with Jodi in Iowa. Leave today to drive home..


    1. We are having way too much fun back here in Colorado. Sorry we missed your birthday. I celebrated my 72nd year by breaking the first bone in my life. I was playing rugby and broke my shoulder.


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