What Flag Is That 08.28.2022

The Canadian Indigenous Flag. [gelgapota]. The designer, Mulidzas, (Curtis Wilson), of the Wei Wai Kum First Nation near Campbell River, called his now famous creation in 2005 “standing together in support of each other.”

The flag with swimming salmon on the sides and orca inside a maple leaf is significant in the wake of discoveries of unmarked graves at former residential schools.

The two designs on the red side bands are K’utala-Salmon, which Wilson said are the “perfect way to convey the importance of family, friendships, and strength in numbers. There are as many types of people living here in Canada as there are types of salmon … I would like to see us coming together in the future, not only my First Nations people, but all of Canada.”

Salmon are known for dependability and renewal. Kwakwaka’wakw people think of them as a provider and a symbol of fertility and good health. The salmon is the source of life for their people and they depend upon the salmon as their main food source in the past, present, and hopefully the future.

The design within the maple leaf is a head of a killer whale in the shape of an oval. The killer whale head is surrounded by some traditional use designs called split “U” shapes.

There has been some talk of attempting to make this the new Canadian national flag.

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