What Flag Is That 08.31.2022

When we lived inMetro Detroit we discovered the most exciting sports team in the ‘Motor City’. The Detroit City Football Club (DCFC). DCFC is part of the Independent Soccer League and is old fashioned, European style ‘football’ (Soccer to us Americans.)

The stadium, Kenworth field in Hamtramck, is a traditional wooden stands, real grass, raucous fans place to see real football. DCFC has become the team to beat and is the established champions of Independent Soccer.

DCFC’s nickname is The Rouge – thus the maroon kits
With a drum line and one side of the stadium that screams and chants for 90 full minutes, when we score, the smoke cannons spew different color smoke.
Being at a game is downright fun! In the waning days of the 2022 season they are in the hunt for a spot in the Premier league of the USL.

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