What Flag Is That 06.13.2022

When I was in my mid-60s I came to the realization that whenever I would be talking to someone, or attempting to explain something to anyone, I would use a story. Without being conscious of it, it was my voice saying, …’Ya know, I remember one time years ago…’

Upon further reflection, old people do a lot of reflecting, I came to see that I had a gob of ‘Great Stories’. As I was typing, a Fishfly (or some call them Mayflies) landed on the window where I could see its strange body. Fishflies only live a few days. Next week I will celebrate the 72 years I have been given.

Once I met an extraordinary girl, we began to ‘Live A Great Story.’
There were always cats involved
There were always friends involved
We made new friends, but kept the old. One is silver and the other gold
We followed family around the country
We explored amazing places with our kids
We loved our ‘kids’ all over the country
We never gave up on the kids we loved
Our God Kids became a permanent part of our lives.
Our precious GodKids even gave us ‘Godgrandkids’
I am grateful every day that even after 52 years as besties we are still able to ‘Live A Great Story.’

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