Guardians of the Story number four

If you wanted to go hunting in Chasely, or anywhere in Wells County North Dakota during the 1920s or 30s, you asked George if he would go with you. George Leonard Flanders, 1887 – 1962 (the fella on the far left with the cigarette) was the best pro bono outfitter in the entire state.

When George was 33, his younger brother’s wife had a baby boy. Two days later the woman died from the last visages of the Spanish Flu. The baby went to live with his grandparents. The grandfather passed away five years later. George, the quintessential forever bachelor stepped up and became that boy’s Dad.

George was a ‘Cracker Jack’ entrepreneur and ran the best hardware store in Wells County. His right hand man was that boy. George was a good Dad and made sure that in addition to working in the store and playing football for his high school (in the old leather helmet days), that kid graduated from high school. It was George who came up with the best play the high school ever ran. They would come up to the line, crouch into position hesitate, then the quarterback would stand up and yell: ‘Look! Pheasants! The defense all gawked and Chasely ran for a,touchdown. Dang if it didn’t work every time.
When the depression hit the hardest, George sold the hardware store and moved to Oregon where he grew peaches. The kid joined the Civilian Conservation Core, then in 1942 was drafted into the Army.
“That kid” was my Dad, William Mark Flanders. Reckon that makes Uncle George my Grandfather. I am Gary Leonard Flanders.

Do you have any colorful stories in your family?

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