Guardians of the story

What do you do when you become the guardians of your family’s story? I understand it is specific to an age stage of life. You become the last ones in line and you must decide: what do I do with all of these old photos? Are my children interested in hearing the stories that accompany a photograph?

My sister and I are now unable to ask anyone else about stories – we are the last two from the Bill and Betty Flanders clan. We came across this picture in a scrapbook our mother kept about Dad’s time in World War Two. Was it a random, who in the world was this woman and why did Dad have a picture of her, matter? We gently lifted it out of the little corners that held it to the page and read:

(If you are having a difficult time reading my Dad’s writing) “This is a picture of a Czech woman doctor who had been in the concentration camp at Dachau for three years. We liberated her and about thirty others after the German(s) had set fire to the camp and then were machine gunning them as they came out. Nice people these jerries. She had never heard of such things as penicillin and some of the later drugs. She had studied in America for several years and could talk good English.”

Guardians of your story, how do you tell your kids?

3 responses to “Guardians of the story”

  1. Bonnie Flanders Avatar
    Bonnie Flanders

    This really made me cry. He hardly ever talked about the war. Unbelievable that he didn’t have mental health issues that I’m aware of. I just want to hug him once more. 

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  2. These are the stories that shape up and as such need to survive so that generations to come can be made to understand and hopefully not repeat the sins of their fathers. I think it also shines a light of hope that out of extreme tragedy and inhumanity, something good can still survive. So speak the stories and pray that someone is listening.


  3. This grandchild is very interested in the old photos and stories.


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