Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds. Part Twenty One, ‘Head East you crazy kids’. {A travelogue about Denise & Gary Flanders winter 2022}

The inside of our 2014 Ford C-Max, loaded to the gills for the trip back to Michigan. But, many adventures are yet to happen.
It was hard to believe that we traded all of those gorgeous sunsets in Oceanside for this view looking out of our Virgin Hotel window in Las Vegas. But we were there for a reason.
We joined our old friends, Marilyn Graham and Margaret Fomer for a special event in Vegas.
Another first for us. We have never attended a college tournament championship.
We have watched a myriad of sports events for our grandkids. And here we were sitting with our dear friend Marilyn Graham as she watched her grandson, Graham Ike (pronounce ‘E-Kay) play in a big time college championship.
In the first half the Cowboys are a little sluggish but Graham is controlling the boards and is all over the court.
In the second half Graham starts scoring and continues to dominate rebounds.
Down to the wire – with 22 seconds the Cowboys are up by 1. They add a basket and the final is a thrilling 59 – 56.
Hoarse from screaming, Denise meets up with her buddy, Graham’s Uncle, Daniel.
The route from Vegas to Colorado is a wonder to behold. You go from Nevada into Utah then into Arizona before approaching Colorado. No matter how many times we have driven it, we are constantly say, …’Wow! Look at that.’
The next stop on our trek east is Palisade Colorado to spend time with our old friends Greg and Simone Pearman.
Our relationship has always been based on goofiness and laughter.
Knowing how much we enjoy finding new coffee places, they took us to Grand Junction and Kiln Coffee.
Our friends took us into The Colorado National Monument. Spectacular scenes and too difficult to decide which ones to not include.
Look in any direction and be awed by creation.
When I volunteered in the San Bernardino National Forest I would talk about the difference between a Preserve; a Reserve; a Monument; a National Forest and a National Park.
We are meant for connection. We bid adieu to friends who despite not seeing for years we pick up right where we left off.
We came back to our hometown of Denver where Denise met up with her Buddy Daniel Graham. And, No I am not buying her a slingshot.
In the spirit of connection we spent time with our dear friends Grant and Margaret. They live in a ‘not too shabby‘ part of Littleton. They have many friendly neighbors who drop by regularly.
The adventure drives off to a conclusion as we head back to our Michigan starting point. ‘See you in the funny papers’.

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