What Flag Is That 05.13.2022

The Republic of Kiribati, an independent island nation composed of islands, atolls and coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.

Kiribati is another place where despite there being humans there for thousands of years, once England found it to be of strategic importance it well…took it. It was a good port to stop at while in route to important Asian trading partners and served as a whaling way station.

In the late 1700s Kiribati included Starbuck Island. It was named after Odem Starbuck, from the wealthy Starbuck family who were the richest whaling family in England. Starbuck island is currently uninhabited by humans with it’s population now rats and feral cats.
When it was under British rule it was know as The Gilbert Islands. Here is a stamp with the image of King George in the corner.
Kiribati ‘gained it independence in 1979. Here is a typical village in present day.

The flag was officially adopted in 1979. It has a red upper half with a gold frigate bird flying over the sun. The bottom consists of three wavy lines of blue (Ocean) and three wavy lines of white (the three archipelagos of the nation.). The Frigate bird represents command over the sea and freedom. The sun has seventeen rays symbolizing the seventeen main inhabited islands.

A Frigate bird.
Kiribati, a well designed distinct flag

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