What Flag Is That 05.11.2022

The Royal Banner of Scotland. Also called the Red Rampant Lion Flag. It represents the Royal (Monarchy) Family of Scotland.

Scotland is a country within the United Kingdom, covering the northern third of Great Britain. It is a difficult concept for us in the US to think about a country within a country. The name Scotland most likely comes from the Latin ‘Scoti’ which was Latin for Gaels (the people from this region). Originally found in the Greek ‘Skotos’ which transliterates as ‘darkness, gloom’.

The history of Scotland from the Middle Ages involves a long line of monarchs named James. Up to this day there remains tension between the monarchs and people of Scotland and England.

The official National Flag of Scotland is nothing like the Rampant Red Lion. It is a simple blue field with the Cross of St Andrew (Also known as The Saltire) imposed upon it. It was said to have been designed by Queen Margaret, wife of James III in 1451.

The Red Lion motif begins to appear in the early 13th century with the Royal Arms of James V.

The Coat of Arms of Scotland. Taken directly from the King of The Scots from the 12th Century. The official motto of Scotland is: “In Defens God Me Defnd”
Scotland’s influence around the world is noted in the coat of arms for the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia
Red (Gules) lion rampantwith blue (Azure) claws and tongue, within a red double border having a motif of alternating heraldic lilies, on a yellow (Or) field.

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