What Flag is That 05.09.2022

Today I fly the branch of service I was a member of: The US Army.

The flag has a blue replica of the seal of the War Office [above the seal is a snake spitting out a ribbon with the words: This We’ll Defend] all on a white field with a red ribbon underneath with the white lettering: United States Army. Under the ribbon is the year the US Army was formed: 1775.

The Army is the oldest of the military branches being formed with George Washington as the Commanding General in 1775. The official flag was not created for over 180 years until President Eisenhower signed Executive Order 10670 on June 12, 1956.

197 years after the formation of the US Army, 2nd Lieutenant Gary Flanders is commissioned with the pinning on of the gold bars by his beautiful wife.

My Dad, Sergeant William Flanders, and my brother, Sargent Van Flanders and I all did our basic training at Fort Riley Kansas. Dad was there in 1942, Van was there in the mid 1960s and I was there in the early 1970s.

Sargent William Flanders on the right (with the cigarette in his mouth)

1st Lieutenant Gary Flanders. 9th Infantry Division Race Relations/Equal Opportunity Training/Education Officer.

Lt Flanders on the left

2 responses to “What Flag is That 05.09.2022”

  1. deniseflanders@icloud.com Avatar

    You misspelled sergeant.



  2. deniseflanders@icloud.com Avatar

    Good one



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