What flag is that 04.15.2022

The flag of the Australian non-self governing external territory, Christmas Island. It is located in the Indian Ocean 960 miles from the Australian mainland.

It was named in 1643 by the British captain William Mynors who sailed by it on Christmas Day. It has a fascinating and complicated history. It played a significant role in World War 2 when the Japanese held the island for it’s rich mineral deposits. The United Kingdom held it until 1958 when with the Christmas Island Act and $20 Million it became part of the Australian nation.

An interesting factoid about ‘CI’ is the annual red crab migration. It happens every year in the spring. Millions of red crabs come out of the ocean and walk from one side of the island to the other.

The flag is rather busy, but it is so unusual it does present a good way to interpret this island. There are some notable examples of this method of flag design, it was the result of a public competition.

It is a Blue/Green diagonal with the Blue representing the ocean and the green being the unique vegetation of the island. In the center is a small map of the island. The major attraction is the Golden Bosun Bird flying over the land.

A nice addition to my collection, and one that no one has any idea what it is when I fly it. And…Bob’s your uncle.

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