What flag is that 04.14.2022

The flag of the Northern Territories of Australia. Located in the North Central region of Australia. Its largest city is Darwin. It is the ancestral home of the Australian Indigenous people, with most theories stating the Aboriginal people were there for up to 65,000 years. It was not granted ‘responsible government’ by the Australian parliament until 1978.

The flag is a creative one that is a little busy, but still has most characteristics of being a good flag. It is divided into two sections. The black portion next to the hoist is 1/3 of the total flag with the traditional five stars of the Australian flag. The other 2/3 is the color ochre. In this section there is a stylization of a Struts Rose.

Within the rose is a seven pointed black star very similar to the Commonwealth Star.

The cast of The Brokenwood Mysteries

Why do I have it? It is such a beautiful and unusual flag, it did catch my eye. And, our first foreign travel adventure was to visit Australia in 1998. Michael lived as an ‘Aussie’ for one year. Oh, and we love streaming Australian TV on our Acorn app. Good reasons, dontcha think – and Bob’s your uncle.

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