What Flag is That 04.11.2022

The island republic of Seychelles. It is composed of 115 islands found in the Indian Ocean, 1,000 miles from Kenya Africa and 700 miles northeast of Madagascar.

This set of islands was known for centuries to traders who would sail past it. As is common the islands were ‘claimed’ by a number of countries. It finally gained it’s independence from Britain in 1976. It contains lush vegetation and unbelievable beaches.

Part of the fantastic flora is the Pandanus, or Screw Pine.

The flag, adopted in 1996 represents influence from the two political parties, The Seychelles People’s United Party and The Seychelles Democratic Party. The flag is composed of five oblique colored bands starting at one end then diverging towards the other end. A new nation (Republic) heading into the future.

Blue represents the sky and sea. Yellow is the sun. Red is unity and love. White is for social justice. Green represents land and environment.

When The Seychelles was still a ‘colony’ of Britain it had a number of flags. All of them demonstrated that it ‘belonged’ to Britain.

The Republic Flag is a bold design, a little busy but certainly unique. I have it because it is an example of a nation putting thought into what would represent it to the rest of the world. And besides, it looks dang cool.

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  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    We need to go there



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