Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds part eighteen. {A travelogue about Denise & Gary Flanders Winter 2022}

Is it possible to have too many sunset shots?
Can I catch both the Navy ship and the Navy helicopter in the same shot?
Remember don’t leave when the sun goes down, wait a little while for the sky to have different colors.
On the morning of March 3rd Denise decided it would be fun to find out if the pigeons on the pier would like some left over bread crumbs. She was quite popular with the winged population.
Oceanside has a couple nice museums that we visited. This is a painting at the Oceanside Museum of Art. It is by a regional artist, Duke Windsor. He titled it, ‘A taller order with Monarchs’. It is acrylic with imitation gold leaf. The man was obsessed with hamburgers.
At the Oceanside Museum, The California Museum of Surfing, a nationally recognized museum, Bethany Hamilton donated the actual surf board she was riding when she was attacked by a shark in Hawaii.
We would stand on the Oceanside Pier and watch the surfers. Waves are a spectacularly interesting thing to contemplate.
Meanwhile, down by the pier.

Ok…fine, she talked me into it…
People would tell us about places, ‘you just have to go see’. This reminds me of a scene from a Pee Wee Herman movie. It is at The Carlsbad Museum of Miniature Industry. Tom the handyman insisted we needed to experience it.
Each day in the late afternoon we would be watching the sky – if there were the correct types of clouds we knew the sunset would be fantastic.
Another place we heard about was The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. We took a little trip north to Huntington Beach to see this reserve that had been set aside by the city. Directly across the highway at the Huntington Beach State Park, you could see the oil rigs out in the ocean. It was the place of a horrendous oil spill last year. Very sad consequences for beaches for miles north and south.
Regardless of what we did during the day, each evening involved walking down to the beach.

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