Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds, part sweet sixteen. {A travelogue about Denise & Gary Flanders, 2022}

Once again #VetTix sent Denise and I on an adventure as we were guests to hear Mark Synnott, the world famous mountain climber lecture what it was like to traverse many of the most isolated and highest peaks in the world.
Back in Oceanside it was a windy, chilly day.
Few people braved the ‘hawk’ (in Chicago that is what they called the wind), only a few brave souls walked the beach.
Even in the wind Palm Trees needed trimming, gulls needed a rest and trash became a curiosity for the birds.
Rip currents and choppy conditions kept even the surfers away.
Waves wash up millions of sea shells of all sizes and colors
A question to struggle with…which sunset shot do you delete?
The wind and waves brought in the rolling stones…the ones on the beach
The stones…
As you know, those stones move around a lot – you need to capture them at the correct angle.
If not that way then this way…

Next, Denise had the idea, what if tomorrow at sunset I bring some stale bread down to the beach and feed the seagulls?

The beginning of a new experience
A volunteer to help with the feeding
It is too difficult to say one sunset is better than another
Every direction is lit up
Who wouldn’t want to search for an Elf?
During the entire month of February admission to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park was free for anyone over 65. We took advantage of being old farts and spent hours at the world famous park.

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