Migratory path of two Michigan Snowbirds, part seventeen and counting. {A travelogue about Denise & Gary Flanders winter 2022}

Maybe Brene Brown is correct: it is all about connections. Regardless of the location we travel, a genuine highlight of our time is making connections. The tall feller to the right of Denise is Joe, our neighbor in the next apartment in Oceanside. Next to Joe is his sister Anna. They are from Omaha and are both traveling nurses. (The other two Dudes are Joe’s high school buddies.
In 1915 John and Adolph Spreckles, of the Spreckles Sugar Company donated money to build the Spreckles Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park in San Diego. They also had built and installed the worlds largest outdoor pipe organ. (It still maintains that record). A tradition of free organ concerts began and continues to this day. We attended a fantastic pipe organ recital by artistic director Raul Prieto Ramirez. He had everyone in tears as he began his concert with the National Anthem of Ukraine.
A few years ago when visiting San Diego we stumbled across Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco. Boyhowdy they are mighty fine tacos and you have to love masked wrestlers.
Back in 2016, our dear kid, Omar, asked if we would come to San Diego and take pictures of his surprise proposal to our beloved kiddo, Adelina. I was,there and snapped this right at sunset on the famous Sunset Cliffs.

As long as we were in San Diego we decided we would recreate the scene. We searched along Sunset Cliffs trying to find the exact spot…

We walked up and down the cliffs looking for the spot that looked correct. And the most challenging thing was getting down on one knee then trying to get back up.
There is a reason why the cars line up along the street and side street close to Sunset Cliffs
This was the ‘Gary! Jump out of the car and get this last shot’!
Leon, Amy and all of the grandkids came for a visit
Sunset time

A good sunset with the family.

Ryan is more trusting of his big sister now. They can fall asleep next to each other at any time now. (The caption for the top photo is: ‘Nana, listen to the funny noise Ryan makes when I squeeze his neck…)
Bright and early the next day, Leon and Ryan were on the pier fishing.
They caught no fish, but did catch a glimpse of some wildlife

The first Shibumi Shade spotted in SoCal? Maybe.

We are at the time of life when a connection with a grandson like this will fuel you for a long time.
‘Hey Brody, wanna walk down the beach for a mile or so to a little coffee place in the harbor…I’ll buy you one of those gourmet Rice Krispie thingys ‘

2 responses to “Migratory path of two Michigan Snowbirds, part seventeen and counting. {A travelogue about Denise & Gary Flanders winter 2022}”

  1. Looks like you had a blast! Great memories were made! Well done, Gary and Denise!


    1. Thanks Bruce. We were so blessed to have that chance to be out there. See ya.


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