Migratory path of two Michigan Snowbirds, part fifteen. {A travelogue about Gary & Denise 2022}

The hike today was in one of the many city trails in San Clemente.
Railroad tracks and beach in San Clemente
Waiting for us each evening in Oceanside was the setting Sun.
Thursdays featured The Sunset Market. Addiction to Belgian Fries is real.
He was fun to listen to and watched everyone who stopped to listen. When he saw you react to a song he did another one in that genre.
In Balboa Park in SanDiego the Museum of Photographic Art was a fun visit.
This was one of my favorites. Created by a high school senior for a contest.
Norman Seff photos
Years ago we brought the grandkids to Balboa Park and saw a young man bust some unusual moves. Ergo, Zeyda had to try some of his dance moves for a picture to email out.
Also in Balboa was the San Diego Automotive Museum. My first car was a 1964 Corvair. It looked nothing like the one in the bottom right.
The history of homemade fast food in San Diego would be nothing without the original ‘The Taco Stand’. Many claim it is the best taco in SoCal.
Every day concluded with a shot near the Oceanside Pier. Note the reflection in the wet sand.
@VetTix sent us to the Honda Center to watch the silliness of the Harlem Globetrotters.
On the way back to Oceanside we decided to stop in Dana Point for another view of the sunset.

One response to “Migratory path of two Michigan Snowbirds, part fifteen. {A travelogue about Gary & Denise 2022}”

  1. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders

    What a lovely winter we had



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