Ruta migratoria de dos pájaros de nieve de Michigan parte diez. (This one is Spanish. Which translation app do you use?)

In her research about tides Denise found out the next day would be a ‘super high and super low tide. It would be the highest and lowest tide all year.
At 7:00 am we were down on the beach to witness water higher than we had seen since we arrived.
We have not had water this far up the pier.
Where people had been sunbathing was gone this morning.
Lifeguards hoisting the red sign and preventing people from swimming.
But, it did provide some ‘bitchin’ waves for the surfers.
To remind you it is California there was a visit from the pigeon whisperer.

After the high tide we had to wait approximately 8 hours to see the super low tide. We took a short drive up to Torrey Pines State Park. It was a beautiful hike with a nice climb to get to the highest trails.

We found that Torrey Pones was a place that we would have to return for more hikes and exploring.
It was heartening to see that in the gift shop/nature center even the coyotes were required to wear a mask.

Slightly winded from our hikes we hit the road, ‘The 5’ (In California all freeways are referred to as ‘The’, ‘The 91’, ‘The 405’, ‘The 38’…) to make it back to Oceanside to see the super low tide.

Back at our ‘stomping grounds’ the beach had become gigantic. The Oceanside Pier is a half mile long. We could now walk under it half of its length, a quarter of a mile.
The sand was damp and provided some groovy reflection photos.
With the water so low the pilings of the pier were exposed and you could observe the muscles clinging to them.
Now the hike to the waves was much longer.
Even the tree_hippie had a larger canvas. Here he is yelling at the gulls to get off his yard.
A sad commentary on how humans not taking care of the beach impacts animals.
And, any day with my Denise is my favorite day.

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