Zugpfad von zwei Schneevögeln aus Michigan, Teil neun. [Hint: it’s German. Time to use that translation app]

Volunteering has been part of our life for many years. When The American Red Cross announced there was a desperate need for blood, even though in a ‘foreign land’ we signed up.
Each Thursday Oceanside has what they term The Farmer’s Market. It is still early so the number of agricultural products is slim. But, you can just have a mic and amp and start singing. She had a heavy African accent and was singing jazz. She was pretty danged good.
Performing for an audience always makes you better.
Whatever we did in the day, we check our watch and make it down to the beach for sunset.
San Diego County maintains a number of Nature Centers throughout the area. It is a fantastic use of land that cannot be developed into houses or shopping centers.
You are not going to find one of these growing in Michigan in January. (Agave shawii)
Among the constant reminders that we weren’t in Michigan in January were the cars we saw simply driving around all the time. How about a perfect 56’ Corvette?
Back at the Oceanside Pier we came upon our first sighting of the ‘Famous’ Tree_Hippie.
‘I wonder who does this?’
The Tree_hippie himself. He comes equipped with bare feet and a common lawn rake. Don’t attempt to engage him in a conversation, he talks to no one. He does his work and walks off.
Evidently it is part of his art that he knows it will all be wiped clean by the tide

I’m not sure if we have collected too many sunset photos as of yet. It seems too passé to state each one is different, but,…each one is different.

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