Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds Part Ocho

Have we seen a duck like this? And what the heck is it? To the ‘Google Machine’: Aha, a Coot. (Fulica atra)
Multiracial gathering at Guajome County Park. “You should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about.” (Willie Wonka quoting a poem by Hilaire Belloc.

Regardless of where we hiked during the day, we made it back to our apartment to walk the short distance to the Oceanside beach for sunset. We would hope for a few clouds so the sun could paint it’s magic unworldly colors across the sky.

Denise found a different type of hike the next day. We drove to Fallbrook to walk the Santa Margarita River Trail.
We have been accustomed to hiking near lagoons or the ocean. This one was more mountain and thick vegetation.
The next day was back to a big lagoon.
We made it back in time to take one of my favorite sunset photos. Walking down to the pier I saw the sun coming around a palm tree. It was a quick snap for fantastic picture.
The day ended by noticing the flag of Oceanside. Vexillologically speaking it could be a fine flag. Drop all of the words, maybe keep the sailboats would make this a much better representation of this city.

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