Migratory Path Of Two Michigan Snowbirds Part 7

Finding out what is going on in a community is part of the fun of being even temporary residents. Every Thursday at sunset Oceanside has the Sunset Market. It is dozens of food tents and vast numbers of vendors hawking unnecessary plastic items. [Our new tradition: Belgian Fries.]

There are two music tents. The main one has local good talent. (The spontaneity from the kids was infectious.).

You need to have old Dudes playing standards.
He was actually a right fine musician.
Each day we ‘hit’ a new trail. Here Denise is in search of Lake Calavera in Carlsbad.
It didn’t matter if she found the lake, she did find a resale store to explore. (Anyone want to buy a large plastic cow…we could let it go for…cheap.)

Each day we made sure we were back at the apartment around 5:00 to watch how the sky would be lit up.

The sunset splashed on the clouds to the east.
Morning coffee at the beach.
Any major Dude will tell you, it is better to look good at the beach than actually be at the beach.
No need for a ticket to see these Rolling Stones.
People use the beach to express their creativity.
Isn’t that the Hogwarts Sorting hat?

Looking for a new hike, Denise saw a trail that went along the La Jolla beach. We headed south and just before hitting downtown San Diego we found the famous, and crowded La Jolla beach.

Tide pools filled with flora and fauna.
Not a camera – a canvas
If you are accomplished enough you can try to sell your art.
Wait…is that an Airstream coffee truck? Are those guys speaking Turkish? So does that mean it is Turkish coffee?
California: Living up to its reputation, strangeness lurks in every cove.
No weirdness at the Oceanside Pier – a spectacular setting of the sun each evening.

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  1. Good one!


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