Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds Part 5

…‘Everybody’s gone surfing…surfing USA.’ Denise took this shot from the Oceanside Pier a few steps from our snowbird nest.

We spend our mornings researching and deciding where we will hike that day. It is a delightful time to figure out of daily adventures. We are adding up significant, for us, amounts of steps and great exercise. The Scripps Oceanic Institute down near San Diego is a world famous educational hub of folks who study all aspects of the ocean. It is close so we headed there for a fantastic hike.

We walked through the campus of one of the Scripps main schools to get down to the beach. The gardens were full of fascinating plants and ‘tons’ of hummingbirds.

Foxtail Agave, Agave atenuata also called Lion’s Tail; Swan’s Neck and Dragon tree.
Years ago people planted eucalyptus trees because they are fast growing hard wood used for railroad ties and great firewood. Eucalyptus are a rapid spreader and have become a problem due to their ‘pushing out’ of endemic trees and plants. They are currently categorized as a ‘nuisance weed’ and planting is now banned.
Ok, we can see the beach, how do we get down there ?
A Scripps research pier.
Murals are a big deal in SoCal. We found this thoughtful mural on the beach of this Scripps beach.

Since our arrival we make it a ‘policy’ to be on the beach for the sunset. It is only a few steps from our front door, and can you have too many sunset photos?

Yup, it’s going to be a good one.

I used to frequent that one coffee place that is on every corner. I found that even with the ‘fu-fu’ drinks they were bitter from an over roasted bean. One day I thought, ‘what the heck, I wonder if that local roaster does a better job?’ We wondered into Clyde’s Coffee in South Tahoe California and started talking with the owner. He even took me into the back and showed me. His fancy new roaster. Since that time we have made it a ‘policy’ to ‘Drink Local Coffee’. It doesn’t take much effort to find a small, independent roaster who is serving a mighty fine cuppa joe.

On our walk one day we came upon this one in the Oceanside Harbor.
And Great Googly Moogly, they had gourmet rice treat cakes…WITH SPRINKLES!!

In the late afternoon we continually are checking the time so we don’t miss our sunset beach walk. Each one is unique and you need to hang around for the credits because there is always an extra scene snuck in.

The conclusion, but not the end…
The surprise scene after the credits.

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