Migratory Path of Two Michigan snowbirds Part 4

We maintained our new tradition of walking to discover something new each day. Heading south on the beach across the street we started photographing whatever caught our eye. ‘…look at all of the fascinating colors on that rock…’
One of the things Denise loves doing is coming upon a scene and saying, ‘Would you all like to be in the photo?’ I admire how she is bold enough to express to strangers – …’this would look pretty cool if all of you were in the shot…it would be a great memory…’
We also have the luxury of stopping whenever we feel like it and say, ‘that’s a cool mural on that building, I need a picture…’

Denise spent a significant amount of time each day hunting for a hike we could do the next day. I wouldn’t exactly say she is a perfectionist but she does enjoy being thorough and considering as many factors as possible. How far will we have to drive? Are there other things that are near by? Will the hike be easy, moderate or difficult? Will the scenery be unique? The most important issue is always: ‘Is there a Costco near by?’

Our first major hiking day was the spectacular cliffs at La Jolla where hang gliders would launch. ‘I sure would like to walk on that beach down there…think we can make it?’
These steps were steep, uneven with occasional slippery thrown in for good measure.
…’ok, are we close yet?’
After 300+ steps and thrilling conditions we made it onto Black Beach.
Hang gliders leap off from up there.
On the way back up we met a young lady who was here in America from London. She was a flautist with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who had the day off from their concert tour. She took this shot.
Boyhowdy that was a hike! It wasn’t until later that we found out if we had walked a little further on Black Beach we would come to the nude beach. Oh well…
Meanwhile back at our place, each evening concludes differently.
Old duffers and octogenarians with pink hair figure each sunset could be the best and last they witness.

One response to “Migratory Path of Two Michigan snowbirds Part 4”

  1. love these photos…when you said you went to Black’s Beach, I thought “uh oh”, as it is well known for the nude beach. Torrey Pines in La Jolla is a beautiful spot, glad the two of you are on so many adventures!


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