Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds Part 3

The journey from Palm Desert was a beautiful trip through mountains and desert. We arrived in Oceanside in the afternoon. Since we couldn’t get into our apartment until 4:00 we decided to have more adventures with lunch. We ate at a completely plant based restaurant in downtown Oceanside. It was tasty and we enjoyed the experiment. At four o’clock we started unloading the car. Within an hour we rushed across the street for our first Oceanside sunset.

I’ll be darned, we woke up the next morning and that big water was still right outside our front door.
Months ago I heard about an organization that gives veterans tickets to all manner of events in a community. I joined VetTix and in October I was given tickets to the Rolling Stones at Ford Field in Detroit. A couple times a week I get an email telling me about new ticket availabilies. When I saw tickets for an event in Los Angeles, as long as we were in ‘SoCal’, I requested and got them.
We had been by the big water less than 24 hours before we drove the 2 hours to LA to experience Immersive Van Gogh.
Simply walking into the venue you had the sensation, ‘well sir, this is going to be unlike anything I have ever experienced’.
Denise was far more familiar with ‘Vince’ but neither of us knew what it would be like to be in the middle of his art.
You walked into one of Van Gogh’s…and I do mean you were a part of his paining. It is as if you were one of his brushes.
I was not a big fan of this type of painting, but now I understand it and appreciate what it evokes.
Two hours south on ‘The 5’ our second sunset awaited.
Our first day in Oceanside came to a glorious conclusion.

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