Migratory Path of Two Michigan Snowbirds Pt 2

We spent our first week in California at a Marriott resort in Palm Desert.

We had stayed at this facility a couple of times years ago, but this time Denise was able to procure the largest, fancy villa. The square footage of our place was equal to our entire house in Michigan. We booked this one in hopes of our family from Big Bear coming down to stay for a few days.

And as has been the case for two years now, The Virus had other plans. Our grandson, Brody, tested positive and that stopped him from coming. Our granddaughter, Haley, felt sick. Our grandson Ryan hasn’t been vaccinated yet, so in the end Our son, Leon and his wife Amy came down for two days.

In our thinking months ago we threw around the idea that while snowbirding we needed to get outside and walk/hike more than we did in Michigan. Back home we had a couple different routes but here we could explore new places every day. It quickly became a favorite time of our stay. At first it was jaunts around the resort. Once Amy and Leon arrived we took our cue from Amy. When she goes for her daily hikes she HIKES!! She promoted Leon to the job of elder sitting. She left us in the dust as the three stragglers were at least on the same trail.

Time for an ‘Ussie’
Desert mountain hiking in Palm Desert
An ‘all of us’ photo.
It’s not difficult to find hikes in Palm desert
Indigenous symbols everywhere
The desert has a distinct beauty

On our last hiking day in the desert we had a fun serendipitous meeting. Getting out of our car we spontaneously struck up a conversation with a couple our age who came to hike the Palm Oasis. We enjoyed our interaction with Jim and Anne MacQuarrie. The sights in this oasis lived up to the definition of Oasis in the desert.

Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve
The only natural pond in California

Exactly what we needed after our long flight (drive) on our migratory path as snowbirds. We now ‘fly’ due west in search of the side of the ocean.

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