What Flag Is That 12.21.21

The Commonwealth of Dominica. [Not to be confused with The Dominican Republic]. It is an island country in the Caribbean. It’s ‘nickname’ is ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ for it’s lush vegetation and rare plants and animals.

It was formed by geothermal volcanic activity. It contains the second largest hot spring in the world called Boiling Lake. It is another country that was colonized by both the French and Great Britain. It finally gained its independence in 1978. The coat of arms was designed in 1961.

Two Sisserou Parrots facing each other across a shield with a raging lion on the top of the shield. In the quadrants of the shield are a palm tree, a canoe, a banana tree and a native frog whose nickname is mountain chicken. The motto Apres Bondie C’est La Ter means: After God The earth.

The flag, which is a beautiful example of a ‘good flag’ (and many US States could take lessons in flag design from Dominica,) is a green field [the lush vegetation] with a cross [Christianity] . The three colors of the cross – black [the volcanic soil] yellow [the native people] and white [purity]. Within a red circle is the national bird, A Sisserou Parrot (also known as an Amazon Parrot.) The ten stars in the circle represent each parish.

The Sisserou Parrot, an endangered species found only on Dominica

What better flag to fly on a cold, dark day in December in Michigan…right Lydia and Vince?

One response to “What Flag Is That 12.21.21”

  1. Is “moto” the same as motto? 🙂



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