What Flag Is That 11.12.21

The St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians. Original members of the Iroquois League, they are ‘The People of The Flint’ ‘Keepers of the Eastern Door’. They are part of the Akwesane Band. The Tribe spans the boarder of the US and Canada. The are located mostly on the St. Regis reservation.

In 1974, 200 Mohawks seized a 612 acre parcel of land at Eagle Bay on Moss Lake in the Adirondack Mountains claiming original title to it. They called this land Kanienkah which means “Land of the Flint”. The flag that they used during this upraising is the one the Council adopted for the tribe.

The designer describes it as “field of red, a warm color and one highly favored by Native Americans. The yellow disk in the center symbolizes the sun with its rays reaching the edge. The Indian head (a Mohawk warrior) in the center wears a single feather indicating unity of purpose in our drive to national and racial survival. The face is brown and orange the hair and feather in black with highlights of blue. The flag is a symbol of unity of purpose toward economic, political and spiritual sovereignty by Native Indians.” (Karoniaktajeh – Secretary of the Ganienkeh Council Fire)

This Kanienkah flag has become common at protests throughout the Iroquois League. As someone who is striving to know more about the people of the Host Nations, I am proud to fly it in support of sisters and brothers in the Iroquois Nation.

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