What Flag Is That 11.10.21

The dominate Host Nation Tribe of the Great Plains: The Comanche Nation. At one time they controlled large parts of Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas in what they referred to as: Comancheria. Therefore they were know as ‘The Lords of The Southern Plains’. Today they are headquartered in Lawton Oklahoma. (They were one of the last tribes to submit to reservations.)

The flag definitely celebrates the historical status as the controlling Tribe in south-central United States. The field of the flag is divided vertically with blue (for loyalty) on the left and red (the name given to the Host Nation people by the European Settlers: Red Man) on the right. The Seal of the Comanche Nation is centered on the field.

The seal is the Comanche battle shield divided roughly in half. The left portion is blue the right portion is red and bears the image of a Comanche warrior on horseback in yellow. The undulating border between the halves represents a snake moving backwards. [According to legend the Comanches were once know as the “Snakes”.] The yellow surrounding the seal represents the sun. The four feathers on the shield represents the sacred number: 4.

In terms of pure flag design, there is no real reason for any of the words. If the words were eliminated NAVA would consider it one of the best flags in the country. I fly it as part of Native American Heritage Month and out of respect for the great nation the Comanche’s were and are.


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