What Flag Is That 11.06.21

The Eastern Band of The Cherokee Nation, located on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. They are direct descendants of the small group of 800 Cherokee who remained after the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

The Eastern Band Of Cherokees is one of three Cherokee Tribes. The other two, The Cherokee Nation and The United Keetoowah Band Of Cherokee Indians are located in Oklahoma. The Eastern Band is the largest Federally recognized Tribe in the Eastern United Sates.

The Eastern Band uses the same seal as their Oklahoma cousins, with some minor artistic modifications. This unites Cherokee people if even symbolically.

The Eastern flag places the seal in the center edged in green on a buff colored field. The Cherokee of Oklahoma use a central star with each point divided half orange, half yellow, The Eastern Band uses a solid yellow star with a double black outline. The different dates stand for when each considers their origin date.

The true story of the USA includes the horrendous genocide of the Indigenous people. As someone who is learning more about our Host Nation Sisters and Brothers I fly this flag to honor and support the Cherokee People.

#nativeamericanheritagemonth #ally

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