What Flag Is That 10.30.21

The western state of Colorado. Host Nation people have lived here for 13,000 years. It was named by Spanish ‘explorers’ Colorado after the Rio Colorado River (The red River). It became a state of August 1, 1876.

The flag is a bicolor horizontal triband composed of blue (the blue skies), white (the snow capped mountains) and a red (the ruddy earth) C. The red ‘C’ is filled with gold (the sunshine). It was adopted in 1911 . There were a couple of variations before the present flag was redesigned in 1964. NAVA ranks it number 16 of all of the US flags.

Colorado flag from 1907-1911
Colorado flag from 1911-1964

The 1907-1911 version used the state seal. The Latin words on the ribbon under the art work Nil Sine Numine translate: Nothing Without Providence.

We have lived many places in our lives. Starting our lives in Michigan then leaving in 1972 to do our own exploring. Of all of the places we have made a home, 9 different states, we spent the most of our lives in Colorado (26 years). After a sabbatical back in Michigan we are heading back to our beloved Denver.

One response to “What Flag Is That 10.30.21”

  1. Home sweet home. But “on” not “of” August 1.



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