What Flag Is that 10.28.21

October is the ‘birthday month’ of Yosemite National Park. The United States Congress established Yosemite as one of the first National Parks in 1890. At the moment there are restrictions to visiting the park. You must take Yosemite off of your bucket list and see it for yourself.

The word ‘Yosemite’ is taken from the Host Nation word: Uzumate which means grizzly bear. White Europeans called the people who lived in this amazing place: Yosemites.

When we were living in California we made sure we visited this fantastic National Park.

I fly this flag to remind everyone that if we expect that our grandkids will have a chance to see ‘America’s Best Idea’ we need to protect it now. Also, I have a young friend whom I admire who is a Park Ranger. ‘Gwen, be well, do good work and keep in touch.’

Thanks to my friends at ‘Flags For Good’ for making such wonderful flags

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  1. Might be my favorite!


  2. Denise Flanders Avatar
    Denise Flanders




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