What Flag Is That 10.18.21

The newest state in the Union: Hawaii. It is the only state outside of North America. It consists of 137 volcanic islands in the South Pacific. Hawaii is the 8th smallest state and the 13th most densely populated. It was settled in approximately 124 AD by Polynesians. It was admitted as a state on 08/21/1959.

The seal of the state demonstrates the history and richness of the cultural heritage of this fascinating land. It is influenced directly by the patriarch: King Kamehameha, being his coat of arms. The words at the bottom translate as “The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.”

The flag is the only US State Flag to include a foreign country’s national flag. It consists of 8 alternating horizontal red, white and blue stripes (loosely representing the 8 major islands), with the British Union Jack in the canton. It was adopted in 1845. NAVA ranks it number 11 out of all of the combined US Flags and Canadian Provinces. (When I fly the Host Nation flag of Hawaii I will talk about the controversy surrounding statehood and the flag).

Hawaii is a place that once you have visited you want to go back.


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