What Flag is That 10.10.21

The ‘true’ flag of the people of Hawaii?? There is much controversy surrounding this flag that has been adopted by the ‘Sovereign People’s Movement’ in the islands.

Like so many, not exactly ‘urban myths’, this flag has a number of theories and repeated stories about how it came to be. One prominent idea that is more in line with conspiracy theories, is that this is the real flag of King Kamehameha. The story goes a British sea captain tore it out of his hands. This has been proven to be untrue.

The theory goes on to say that the current state flag, which Kamehameha himself designed in 1843, demonstrated the historical colonialism of the islands by England. This is also untrue. England never held the islands as a colony. (No colonizer would allow a King, which is what Kamehameha remained for his life time.

The Kanaka Maoli (which means ‘True People’) Flag has a very recent design and history. It has grown in mystic and power. It is a flag that Native Hawaiians believe represents them more than the state flag.

There is a growing strong feeling among native people that how statehood came about and how the history of the original Polynesian people [Polynesian explorers first arrived in the islands in the 3rd Century,] was not respected.

When we visited Oahu two years ago I had a long deep conversation with a native gentlemen. He told me about events we do not teach in schools.

I do fly the Kanaka Maoli flag in support of the heritage and rich culture of the Polynesian ancestors of the Hawaiian islands.

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